The ultimate foodie gift in Vancouver has a story

All food has a story. Sometimes that story is that it is one of a million that flew off a conveyor belt into a box and was shipped every which way around the world. No human hands touched that food. No love went into its production. But it's still a story.

Here are some more interesting stories. The kind that slow you down on Christmas morning in the midst of ripping open packages. The kind that show how much you care and wanted to make sure you found the most-perfect-ever gift. These are stories of people that make real food that's really delicious. This is the kind of stuff you find at The Modern Pantry.

La Fundidora Salsa isn't your regular chips and salsa kind of condiment... not only because tortilla chips as we know them were developed in an LA factory in the 1940s. Vitali and Lorena are Mexican expats living in Brooklyn (with one of the cutest love stories of all time). Their view on things is that salsa belongs on the dinner table every night and should be used to enhance the flavours of what you're already eating. The chiles are sources from small farms in Mexico and dried on site before being shipping up to New York for production. They don't add sugar or vinegar because fresh ingredients don't need those kinds of cover ups. This is the real thing.

Reginald's Homemade Peanut Butter, the brain-child of Andrew Broocker, started the same way as many great businesses: in his mom's kitchen. For anyone with a love of peanut butter without all of that extra junk added in, Andrew's your guy. And because peanut butter has a love-affair with everything it meets (some people would even call it a little promiscuous), there are some seriously amazing flavours going on: Bourbon Pecan, Apple Cinnamon, and Dark Chocolate Chunk, to be specific.

Preservation Society Jams come out of chilly Montreal, where standing over a pot of steaming fruits wafting homey scents is the best way to keep warm. Camilla Wynn is inspired by cocktails and rock 'n roll, a combination that paradoxically will result in you staying home on Friday night with a jar of jam and a spoon... possibly while tapping your foot to an old record.

Come on by the pop-up location at 1271 Homer St for a taste of old-school re-imagined until December 24th. I'm here every day and always happy to chat with fellow food lovers.

See you soon :)