Bridal shower season is in full bloom in Vancouver

As Maid of Honour you've been handed a massive (and flattering) responsibility. Your best friend has left it in your capable hands to organize and execute a fabulous party. Party theme: her.

bridal shower balloons

So you've rallied your gal pals and sent out group emails trying to come up with a genius plan that will do this occasion justice. And nothing. You're looking for something fun, different, interactive, and totally her. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Does your guest of honour have whimsical daydreams of high tea with the Queen? Let me teach the group to make jam and lemon curd (perfect party favours in cute little jars). Then enjoy the fruits of your labour with freshly baked scones for a truly princess-worth high tea experience.

Maybe she's a cocktail kind of gal? Learn how to take Caesars to a whole new level with a lesson on quick pickling vegetables. It's completely ok to drink in the morning if this event coupled with a spread of bagels and toppings for brunch.

Or maybe she has a great appreciation for fine wines. I can guide the group through anything from Wine Tasting 101 to Champagne and Cheese pairings for every occasion. And no, wine tasting doesn't have to be pretentious. It's all about having fun with friends.

The Modern Pantry is pleased to offer Vancouver area brides-to-be with customizable food-oriented events and activities. Give me a call at 778.960.7756 to discuss how I can make your next event extra special without spending a fortune.