A week in the life of a gastronome

Living in a house full of people with 'normal' jobs, who leave for work in the morning and show up again some time around 7, I've come to realize just how irregular my schedule is. For a while it seemed normal as my world was full of Gastronomes and we all had similarly strange lives. Why yes, I do sometimes start Monday morning with an olive oil tasting. Or yeah, it totally makes sense to be writing an article about edible insects on Saturday night. Turns out that's not what the rest of the world is doing.

So, in case you were wondering how a gastronome spends their week (at least in the summer), it looks a little like this. If you weren't wondering and can't understand why anyone would care, skim through the pretty pictures and check back next time.

Today's Thursday, so let's start with last Thursday. I'm running a series of classes at the Italian Cultural Centre (ICC) starting this fall, so I started the day with a meeting at Fresh Roots' head office to discuss their harvesting schedule and what produce we could pickle in late September. This meeting was my first introduction to Japanese turnips, which arrived sliced on a plate as a meeting snack, and may be my new favourite vegetable. Fresh Roots sells their produce at the ICC every Wednesday - go check them out!

The rest of the day was paperwork. Turns out every job is the same that way. But then the urge struck to get out of town (despite a weather forecast promising a weekend full of rain). I figured if I could work in the city, I could work on an island, so I grabbed a few necessities and made a run for BC Ferries up the Sunshine Coast. The running was clearly unnecessary as I arrived at the marina only to wait half an hour for the water taxi to show up. Good thing one of the necessities I packed was beer...


Friday and Saturday happened on island time. They were a little slower and a lot less frazzled, but still required getting some things done. Amidst baking Browned Butter Banana Bread (a girl has to eat) and finishing an intense book, I tested some recipes for an upcoming class and then made friends by giving away the surplus of food. Food will always make you friends.

I may have felt the need to stop in at Persephone Brewing on the way home in the name of research. My research says good people and good beer. Definitely worth stopping in on your way through Gibsons, BC.

Persephone beer.jpg

It was a late night home and an early start the next morning. In a couple of weeks I'll be participating in West Vancouver's Harmony Arts Festival with a booth dedicated to all things French. To make that a reality, Sunday was filled with arts and crafts. Expect whimsical and light with rustic touches - there was most certainly tulle involved.

The rest of the week has been a frantic blur of truffle club coordination; practicing deep breathing to combat the stress caused by FedEx; running a champagne and cheese bridal shower (parmigiano reggiano and peaches pictured below); meeting up with Hodie from Xoxolat to talk about things to come for the modern pantry; and doing an interview for the ever-talented Lindsay Anderson, of Feast: An Edible Road Trip, about all things truffle.

Peaches and Parmesan

All-in-all, yeah, it's been a busy week. Pretty normal for a person who got to make up their job description because no one has ever heard of a Gastronome before. Actually, looking back I think I've accomplished enough to merit a mid-day hike with the dog. It's times like this that my housemates think I don't work very hard. They're wrong.