Breakfasts that actually keep you full

It's no secret that I'm always hungry. Whether it's because I'm taller than the average girl or because I get a lot of movement into my day, I couldn't tell you. I didn't even realize it was that weird until I went on a road trip across Spain and Portugal with my cousin in 2010 and she started making cracks about needing to keep granola bars in the car. Sidenote: that never happened because why would you eat granola bars when there are Portuguese custard tarts to compare against one and other?

Apart from traveling, when the primary objective is eat everything between walking everywhere, I've found a few breakfasts which are substantial enough to keep me full without feeling like the rest of the day will be spent in a food coma. Those people who just have a smoothie for breakfast... who are you?!?! Unless you're having second breakfast an hour later, I don't understand.

Healthy and filling breakfast basics:

1) Eggs are your friends. You're unlikely to see me eating eggs every day. Mostly because I spent 3 months living in Cuba and two eggs any way was breakfast every. single. morning. Never again, my friends! I'm really good at tricking myself though, and because I love baking will make egg-y ham and cheese tarts or oven pancakes served with a pile of fruit and yogurt.

2) Nuts! If you really only have enough time to make a smoothie in the morning, throw a big handful of raw nuts in there. They blend up beautifully into a thick and creamy smoothie and do wonders to keep you full for longer.

Apple baked oatmeal

3) All oats all the time. Other grains are also delicious, but there's a special place in my heart for oats in all of their forms. To keep things interesting, I rotate between steel-cut oatmeal, cold overnight oats with chia seeds, baked oatmeal, and breakfast cookies. Add spices, dried fruits, fresh fruits, yogurt... it's all good.

4) Rice bowl. This is the curve ball when the last three seemed so normal. I haven't historically been a savory breakfast person, so this one took a little getting used to, but I'm a total convert now. Leftover rice with any combination of: wilted spinach, kimchi, poached egg, mushrooms, or leftover meat is incredibly satisfying. On cold mornings it's a treat to start the day with a bowl of something warm and nutritious.

Currant bran muffins

5) Second breakfast. First thing in the morning I'm not always stoked on the idea of a big meal. But since I know I'll be hungry (and unfocused/ grumpy/ low energy) later, I plan on second breakfast around 9:30. Usually it just looks like a few nuts and some dried fruit or a banana with peanut butter - nothing fancy. Knowing I'll get that boost a few hours in means I don't stress so much about coffee and a piece of toast trying to tide me over until noon.

No one wants to think during the ungodly hours before work starts, so make sure you're organized the night before. That way the breakfast process is not only painless, but can actually be quite pleasant. Believe me? Maybe?