10 ways to add fruit vinegar to your life

You've heard that vinegar is the best thing for you, right? It has been used for centuries to improve digestion and ward off heart disease, but it also works wonders at regulating blood sugar.

And, let's be honest, the bright, zesty flavour is a delicious addition to just about anything. Don't believe me? Here are 10 ways to use fruit vinegar to jazz up everyday dishes.

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Vancouver's food education: are we stuck on nutrition?

I should preface this post with the glaringly obvious statement that 'I am not a nutritionist'. I don't know what the recommended daily intake of calcium, iron, or sodium is. I would be hard-pressed to tell you what foods will counteract certain ailments (though I'm almost positive that local, un- pasteurized honey is the answer to most problems). What I do know is this: real food is the answer. Always. To almost any question.

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