When did food stop being fun? When did we become obsessed with counting calories, eating clean, and packing nutrition into a portable container?

We don’t need to fight food, but rather embrace that it always has and always will be a central part of our lives. By making it fun, social, and easy we get to stop being afraid of making the wrong decisions, and start saying yes to real food. Yes to slowing down and enjoying the moment. Yes to the relationships we build around the table. It’s not rocket science; we’ve been doing it for centuries.

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Sample menu: Truffle Brunch

Stay tuned for the next one!


Saturday, July 9th - two seatings to choose from

Summer weekends are for relaxation, leisurely meals, and forgetting that there's anything else you need to do in the day. Get one step closer to the perfect day with the delicate flavours of French summer truffles.

Summer vegetable and truffle tart

Poached egg on brioche with truffle cream

Truffle and berry parfait


Coffee and tea