The Modern Pantry gives you access to exclusive, specialty food products and experiences. Things like tastings, classes and fun events for the curious food lover and truffles directly from the South of France. 


About Kendall

Hi, I'm Kendall Gustavson, owner of the modern pantry and lover of food. I have a Masters degree in Food Culture and Communications from The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy and have worked for Borough Market in London, England – one of the largest food markets in the world – developing a food education program.

More importantly, living in five different countries and finding my way in the world through my stomach have exposed me to extraordinary producers and fascinating food stories. I bring a world of food back to my hometown of Vancouver in my own kitchen creations and in shared experiences over a glass of wine or obscenely large pile of ginger molasses cookies. I look forward to cooking, eating, and exploring with you. Let's chat; I bet you're really interesting.